Lumberjacks and Jills

I had my 2nd Annual Lumberjack Party for my birthday at my cabin. A majority of the guests were made up of new and old friends and past and present colleagues from Pacsun, Fox, Volcom, Quiksilver, as well as some independent artists.

From left to right. V, Tbone, Celene, Myself, and Brad. This was taken after the party at Port Restaurant. Ali reserves the back room for us when we have parties, because I live right across the street. When the cops come, we walk right over.

Jenn, Myself, and Lori.

These were taken in my courtyard during our flip cup tournament.

Brad, my brother Mike and I hanging at the fire pit.

Tara, Laura, and I.

I served honey baked ham and hawaiian rolls, white and red wine sangria, pizzas and some other apps. I also had a hefeweisen keg.

These are some brits I found in laguna and paid to show up at the party. Just kidding. Ben and Rowan own a design agency called The Consortium Design Agency and I've worked with them for years. Gary is the guy in the middle. He's always great company.

Here are some Lumberjacks and Lumberjills that posed for a cozy cabin shot.

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