Costa Rica Pics!

Here are only a few of my 1000 pictures I took on a recent trip to Costa Rica. (More to come soon!)

It was the Green Season when four girlfriends and I decided to leave the men at home and enjoy an 11 day excursion on the beautiful Pacific Coast! It was the perfect mix of rainforest adventure, beach time, great food, relaxation, pampering, and night life that we could imagine.

Upon arrival, we ventured (via private driver) to beautiful Manuel Antonio where we zip lined 13 platforms, saw monkeys, sloths, lizards, and a waterfall while hiking the National Reserve. We played in the ocean at two private beaches, ate at El Avion, (a restaurant inside an old aircraft), and went out to the local Reggae night! After all this action, we were ready to take a lil breather...

Nosara was our next place to visit, where we enjoyed some outdoor yoga (while monkeys slid down giant banana leaves), pampered ourselves with some of the best massages of our lives, relaxed at a private white sand beach, and ate some of the best seafood of our trip. Harmony Hotel was absulutely more than fitting for our needs and we were very sad to leave!

By the time we arrived in Tamarindo, it was party time! Here, the water was pretty brown from a recent heavy rain, so we laid out at the giant pool, walked on the beach, shopped, and enjoyed fun restaurants and another (raging) Reggae night. Tamarindo was cool, but nothing to write home about compared to ten years ago....rather rundown really.

Arenal however, was the perfect destination to travel next and we were ecstatic by the thought of our next hotel! Honestly we couldn't get there fast enough! Tabacon Resort and Spa was built at the base of a live, erupting volcano and sat upon natural hot springs, which were phenomenal! Here, we celebrated Cathy's bday with some champagne and seafood, basked in the sun, sat in multiple hot lava pools, and while two of us rode horses, the others river rafted.

All in all, I will definately return to MA, Nosara, and Arenal in the next few years, and next time the man comes with!

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  1. I love the rounded edges and vintage feel of these photos. Gorgeous!