I'm 1/2 way through reading THE WAVE right now - written by Susan Casey, the Editor-in-Cheif of O (Oprah Magazine). I started reading it a few weeks ago, and given the recent tsunami in Japan, I have become much more interested in learning why, how, and when giant rogue waves happen.

Susan Casey seems pretty reputable due to her close connection with madman/surf prophet, Laird Hamilton. She spends significant time with him jet setting around the world on a global scavenger hunt (among other surfers) in search of huge waves.

This book is not only all around exciting (I find myself saying WWWWOOOOWWWW out load alot) but it is also somehow bringing Brad and I closer. I often stop reading to ask him a pop quiz question about the ocean, a particular surf break or surfer and although he has not read the book, he knows every answer because of his lifestyle and interest in the sea. Love that.

Later in the book, I heard Casey works with elite scientists who are working to create better climate models and forecasts. They will be pushed on the big question: Will global warming lead to stormier oceans and bigger waves? Hope its not too late by the time we can answer that question!

Educational Must Read for sure.


  1. Sounds great! Can I borrow the book when you are done?

  2. Yes, of course Jenn!! xo