Gotta love mom

Last week at my mom's house...

Me : Mom, can we light a fire in the fireplace?
Mom : SURE! Ok, we have to do something funny to get it lit.
Me : Huh? (Mom goes and gets a long antique fishing pole)
Me : I'm so confused.
Mom : Shhhh. Just here. hold this. I need some tape.(Mom comes back with electrical tape and matches.)
Mom : Here hold it upright. I need to tape the match to the end of the fishing pole.
Me : HAHHAHHA. What in the... I need my phone so I can get photos of this.
( Mom proceeds to twist the key on the wall and then light the fishing pole match with another match.)
Mom : Stand back (With a quick cast of the pole, the lit match dove head first into the tiled oven)

POOF goes the flame and nobody got hurt...

P.S. After reading this blog post, Brad burst out laughing, " You know she can just turn the gas really low...she doesn't have to turn it all the way up so it poofs out fire!" hahahaah

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